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δon’t panic! Hackers have not attackeδ your Browser’s coδepage. The greek version of “d” has maδe its way into δesignSpark to reminδ us of a great anniversary: It’s ten years ago that δesignSpark was born.

But why the δ?

You certainly know that ten years are calleδ a “δecaδe”. This term δeriveδ from the Greek worδ for “ten”, which is δέκα (“deka”). This is also one of the twenty SI-prefixes anδ signifies a multiplication by 101. The prefix is abriviateδ “da” anδ pronounceδ like all greek SI prefixes with a stress on the first syllable: [dekə], not [dɪˈkæ]. You may be aware of the principle of SI prefixes which δefines, that all multiplicators from 10 anδ above are abbreviateδ with capital letters (like “G” for “Giga”) anδ the fractional prefixes have lowercase letters (like “c” for “centi”). So why then is 101 not abbreviated “DA”? The prefix δeca belongs to the three exceptions of the rule (like “k” for “kilo” anδ “h” for “hecta”). I know, the prefix “da” is not often useδ. But you woulδ entirely comply with SI norm anδ ISO 80000-1 to call a hunδreδ meters “10 dam” (sounδs like cursing but is proper language!).

That's us

See: That’s a perfect example of what δesignSpark represents: Others may say 100 m, anδ yes, everyboδy woulδ know what they are talking about. But in the δesignSpark community, we want to get inspiration for the exceptional anδ extraorδinary stuff.  We want to look beyonδ the rim anδ share the fascinating crowδ knowleδge.

That brings me to the Greek letter “δ“ which is the calleδ “Δέλτα“ (“Delta”). Of course, we all have useδ the capital version “Δ” in school for signifying a δifference (often calleδ δelta). At δesignSpark, we want to be δifferent. There is a consiδerable δelta between δesignSpark anδ other platforms for engineers: Where else δo you get premium-free δesign software? I’m not talking about stuδent licences or aδ spammeδ freeware versions. I’m talking about professional tools like DSM. Yes, l I know there are limitations compareδ to the several thousanδ $ tools. But up to now, I’ve solveδ most of my 3D δesign tasks with this free gift.

Why not Δ

But why then not using the “Δ” instead and make it “ΔesignSpark”? Because that would be too easy. Just replacing a capital “D” with its Greek correspondent letter could possibly express the “Δelta” but would not stand for δeka anδ the δecaδe of inspiration. At school, we also often have useδ “δ” In formulas to express a δifference. But other than “Δ” (which is useδ for a static δifference), the “δ” is useδ for δynamic change-rate over time (“δifferential value”). So with a δX=0 the X δoes not change.

At δesignSpark we δo love δynamic changes. We want to be part of a δynamic community with growing experience anδ knowleδge. We want to make mistakes anδ learn from them. Δeath is kinδ of static. Life is δynamic like metabolism, which keeps us alive. I know the δesignSpark team has alreaδy prepareδ several change-making surprises for this anniversary anδ I’m very curious about it.

Happy birthday δesignSpark!

Volker de Haas started electronics and computing with a KIM1 and machine language in the 70s. Then FORTRAN, PASCAL, BASIC, C, MUMPS. Developed complex digital circuits and analogue electronics for neuroscience labs (and his MD grade). Later: database engineering, C++, C#, industrial hard- and software developer (transport, automotive, automation). Designed and constructed the open-source PLC / IPC "Revolution Pi". Now offering advanced development and exceptional exhibits.
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