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GPS personal tracking system


I need help 

I have project Disegn GPS personal tracking system with smal size and low power.

please any one can help

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June 14, 2019 08:00

The first question would need to be: Which GPS system will you be using?
U.S based constellation, or the GLONASS system?
Or, will this include the capabilities of both systems?
I am not familiar with the coding of the GLONASS system, and can not help, it might be quite similar though.
What type of antenna will you be using? I suspect a ceramic type for small footprint.
Common automotive usage types are about 1" square, and 3/16" thick, and require an active amplifier/filter.
How do you plan to package everything, and how is it to be worn, or placed?
Size constraints get tighter if worn like a watch or jewelry, aside from a attachment to clothing, or a belt. Another consideration, is power supply size, current demand, and of course, charging the battery, at home, and on-the-go.
The antenna amplifier will probably always be active, unlike sampling of the timing signals, which can be randomly accessed.
I added a .jpg image of two small GPS patch antennas, both of which are of the active type, and require the standard +3.3V supply for the amplifiers. Both antennas are identical in dimensions; 1" square X 3/16" thickness, mounted on glass epoxy boards.

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