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10 Jul 2019, 7:10

Good things come in small packages: Today's micro solutions for tomorrow's applications

Companies are constantly searching for new ways to use technology to boost engagement with customers. This has resulted in a procession of innovative device features over recent years, with a battle for the latest tech resulting in more modularity and increased demand for flexible printed assemblies to facilitate new features.

Originally created for handheld devices in the consumer market, microminiature connectors are now increasingly being designed into devices across a variety of industries.

But why are applications across industries using more microminiature connectors?

Intuitive user interface:

Advancements in technology and innovative SmartWare has led to a transformation in user interface design. The evolution of user interfaces (UI) is now changing the way we work, shop, drive and communicate. The increased interaction with UI has created an opportunity for microminiature connectors to be designed into devices such as cooking appliances, surgical equipment, home security devices, vehicle infotainment systems... the list goes on.

Take the growing Connected Vehicle market as an example, automobile designers are striving to offer the optimal in-vehicle experience for drivers and passengers alike. The introduction of interior LCD panels in steering wheels, centre consoles and seats has provided additional opportunities for Molex’s Easy-On FFC/FPC portfolio to be designed in. Delivering a variety of options, the Easy-On family offers superior connectivity for these applications.

Feature-rich options:

The average time spent using mobile devices is continually growing every year, as new capabilities are developed and released to the market. Your personal device can now even calculate your screen time and provide a report detailing the apps you have utilised most.

As our devices become more important in our daily lives, manufacturers are constantly competing to provide the most desirable features. Consumers are searching for the lowest profile devices, with the largest screen size and highest resolution.

Feature-rich options and increased UI can result in an increased requirement for flexible printed assemblies and modular design. Features such as touch screen, touch buttons, and displays are examples of key microminiature connection points requiring flex assemblies.

The requirement for new and exciting features is present regardless of design parameters, and Molex FFC FPC super-fine pitch products provide a solution with an offering that ranges from just 0.20mm pitch.

Profile changes:

Applications are being developed for smaller and higher performing technologies, and demand for the products to meet these requirements is growing. This can sometimes mean that higher performance in a smaller space is demanded for products including micro wire-to-board, FFC/FPC and memory card connectors.

The mobile device market has evolved from the sliding form factor introduced in the 90s - consumers are now searching for streamlined devices with decreased profiles.  With phones getting thinner, the products in them need to be even thinner. Molex’s Easy-On family offers low profiles of 0.75mm to satisfy this need.

Molex Easy-On FFC FPC Connectors

Molex is on the frontline, driving microminiature innovations for customers and engineers who need space savings, high-density signals and durability in connector designs.

The Easy-On FFC FPC range offers super-fine pitch and small-size FFC/FPC connectors in a variety of circuit sizes to deliver superior reliability and speedy data rates. Offering 0.20 to 2.00mm pitches, Easy-On connectors are ideal for tight-packaging applications. They also deliver features such as positive locks and a dual-contact design that ensures a reliable connection.

Additionally, a wide variety of actuator options including ZIF, slider and flip help to establish a secure connection between the FFC/FPC connectors and terminals.

As the ever-changing market demands smaller more reliable connections, Molex is continually developing lower-profile and higher-density interconnects to meet these needs.

For more information on the Molex range available from RS click here

Molex is a leading provider of electronic components and solutions. Our approach to innovation is key to solving complex customer challenges, allowing us not only to create many pioneering electronic solutions, but also build a globally recognized company.

10 Jul 2019, 7:10