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Student Innovation - Gigapixel Photography with the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera

The focus of this project was to use the Raspberry Pi HQ camera module in combination with a large format camera lens and some old 3D printer components to create images with a resolution of over 1,000 megapixels.

Parts list

Qty Product Part number
1 Raspberry Pi 4 4G Model B 182-2096
1 Raspberry Pi HQ Camera 201 2852
35 RS PRO M6 x 8mm Hex Socket Button Screw Black, Self-Colour Steel 822-9117
4 300mm x 8mm Diameter Stainless Steel Rod 786-6015
9 RS PRO M3 x 20mm Hex Socket Cap Screw Plain Stainless Steel 293-319
12 RS PRO M4 x 8mm Hex Socket Button Screw Plain Stainless Steel 183-8626
1 Bosch Rexroth Aluminium Strut, 20 x 20 mm, 6mm Groove , 3000mm Length 466-7219
1 GT2 Timing Belt
6 2020 extrusion corner bracket
3 NEMA17 stepper motor
35 M6 T nut
1 Anet A8 Mainboard
2 8mm lead screw (I used 345mm length)
2 8mm flanged lead nut
4 M2.5 x 5mm socket screw
4 M2.5 threaded insert
12 M3 x 8mm countersunk socket screw
2 flexible shaft coupling
3 NEMA17 cable
4 M3 threaded insert
2 micro limit switch
8 M3 square nut
2 LM8UU bearing
3 SC8UU bearing
1 GT2 pulley
1 large format lens (I used a Carl Zeiss Jena 12cm f/4.5 Tessar)
1 3mm hardboard
1 corrugated plastic board
2 z axis stepper mount
1 X axis mount (left)
1 X axis mount (right)
2 Z axis top mount
1 mainboard cover
1 lens mount
1 X axis carriage mount
1 Pi HQ camera mount
1 Z axis limit switch mount
1 X axis limit switch mount
1 X axis limit switch contact


I am a PhD student at the Bristol Robotics Lab in Bristol. My research interests are 3D printing, robotics, cameras and small unmanned systems (e.g. drones, rovers).


April 12, 2021 07:18

Hi Jordan, very interesting project! I was wondering whether the overall picture quality would improve if you take small pictures with a zoom lens, which are stitched together (using OpenCV)

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