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I think it is possibly a good package and I am used to learning to use new software etc. so shouldn't have too much of a problem. I can link "boxes" to "boxes" assign parts and did the basic lesson included but there is very little help and videos out there yet.

I need to draw up a control system set of drawings for a machine - HMI, 2x 36 core cables running to the electrical box one 37 way Dsub either end and the other 44 way HiDsub with hoods on (showing pinout and colours) servo motors with built in encoders and wires attached - no plugs on motor end. All connecting into a big circuit board with multiple plugs and terminals.

I can sort of create a symbol but cannot figure how to add connection points - even opening up a provided symbol doesn't show the connection points that highlight when you add a wire. Already spent a day trying to figure a simple drawing, created a 36 core screened cable OK.

Any more resources anywhere otherwise I'm going to get the pencil out :)


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