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Get into the groove with your cable management

You spend all that time and effort constructing a frame with aluminium struts for your components. But where and how the wiring should be securely fastened can often seem like an afterthought.

To help electrical engineers get to grips with the cable routing around such specialist builds, HellermannTyton has developed a new cable tie mount (192-3587)  that makes it simple to securely attach cables to frame struts.

The beauty of the new part for aluminium construction profiles is that no holes, no screws and no slot nuts are required for a secure hold on the frame.

Just insert it into the groove and twist it by hand 90 degrees into the strut groove. Bundles can be fixed parallel or perpendicular to the strut with regular cable ties up to a width of 8 mm. Thanks to the rounded contour, the bundle always lies centred on the mount.

This first in this new product series from HellermannTyton is designed for 10 mm grooves and edge profiles of 6 mm.

  • for 10mm groove widths
  • total mount height 19.3 mm
  • head height above strut 9.3 mm
  • head width 22.5 mm x 17.5 mm

The mount is made from impact-resistant and heat stabilised PA66/6HIRHS which also makes it suitable for heavy-duty applications. Order here (192-3587) in packs of 25.

I like making complicated technology topics accessible.

8 Nov 2019, 9:54