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Gallium Nitride Transistor Solutions


The all-in-one workstation is getting sleeker and lighter with every new model. One of the key enablers to this trend are lighter and small form-factor power converters, typically achieved by switching the power converter at a high frequency. High frequency switching leads to smaller and lighter passive components such as transformers, inductors and capacitors. A key impediment for high switching frequency operation is the switching & driving losses of the traditional silicon MOSFETs. GaN HEMTs (Gallium Nitride-High Electron Mobility Transistor) offer low gate charge and on-resistance compared to the traditional MOSFETs enabling high frequency power conversion.

The video below presents ON Semiconductor GaN Transistor solutions with the (882-9834) NTP8G202N and (882-9843) NTP8G206N devices.

A 240 W reference design is available, providing a complete solution for a 12 V / 20 A all-in-one computer power supply using GaN HEMTs as the switching devices.  

Devices also utilized in the design include:


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