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From 3D Printing to Manufacturing - RS makes 3D Design affordable!

3D printer and 3D CAD software now available for only £954!

3D printing has been around for over 20 years, it used to be unaffordable, highly technical, and limited to industrial applications, such as; Automotive, Aerospace, Military, and Medical. However, over the last few years things have changed, 3D Printing is now used in general product design involving 3D prototyping, and also more creative ventures.

Desktop 3D Printing triggered this evolution, and the application possibilities are endless! The industrial segment still plays a major role in the application of 3D printing, and rapid-prototyping is becoming very important.

At RS we want to level the playing field. We want every engineer, including those in tech start-ups and small engineering firms, students and hobbyists alike, to be able to adopt 3D design and printing, with full capacity at the lowest possible cost.

Therefore, RS now offers an FDM 3D Printer and a CAD software bundle for only £954. You now save £596  when you buy the 3D Printer and DesignSpark Mechanical Add-on bundle together. 

  • Ideal starter kit for non-CAD Engineers
  • Full benefits of CAD without the need for CAD experience
  • An effective shortcut for innovation without the cost

The RS IdeaWerk 3D Printer and DesignSpark Mechanical Add-on bundle is available in all markets apart from Japan. For Japan we offer the DesignSpark Mechanical Add-on together with the MUTOH MF-500 3D Printer (see below).

RS IdeaWerk 3D Printer







The RS IdeaWerk is a desktop 3D printer designed to handle the toughest print jobs.

    • Easy to assemble and use
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Build area of 150x150x150
    • Uses PLA filament
    • Comes with accessories, no additional purchase required



DesignSpark Mechanical is a very powerful 3D modelling software, for 3D prototyping and available to download for free 

DesignSpark Mechanical Exchange & Drawing Add-on module

The DesignSpark Mechanical Add-Ons which you receive with this offer lets you take your prototype to mass production by creating detailed technical drawings, for machining, moulding, easily. Effortless hand-over of prototype designs to 3D CAD professionals such as Mechanical Engineers, subcontractors, 3rd parties, etc.

DesignSpark Mechanical Exchange

    • Freely modify industry standard STEP and IGES file formats
    • Exchange design data with Solidworks, Catia, ProEngineer and AutoCAD
    • Turns DesignSpark Mechanical into a low-cost 3D design solution
    • Ideal for companies wanting the ability but not the cost of other CAD systems
    • Export files types: STEP, IGES, AMF, DXF, OBJ, PDF, SKP, STL, XAML, JPEG, PNG
    • Import file types: STEP, IGES, ECAD (IDF, IDB, EMN), OBJ, Point curve text files (TXT), SKP, STL


DesignSpark Mechanical Drawing

    • Adds Spaceclaims associative drawing environment to DesignSpark Mechanical
    • Change designs and create/modify geometry in drawing views
    • A familiar 2D working environment
    • Full drawing annotations, GD&T, notes and leaders
    • Export files types: AMF, DXF, OBJ, PDF, SKP, STL, XAML, JPEG, PNG
    • Import file types: STEP (Read-only), ECAD (IDF, IDB, EMN), OBJ, Point curve text files (TXT), SKP, STL



MUTOH MF-500 3D Printer – available in Japan

titleThe MUTOH MF-500 is compact, low cost, but at the same time high in precision. It is equipped with easy handling software ‘pronterface’ and ‘slic3r’ and has a Japanese language interface.





  • The maximum build size is 100×100×100mm. A detachable build plate for quick print removal
  • Designed for PLA filament.
  • HI-Power MF-1000 fan cools objects quickly to give you the best possible output quality

You can now save¥109,351 when you buy the MUTOH MF-500 and DesignSpark Mechanical Add-on bundle.



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17 Nov 2015, 16:19