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Is there a way to convert a surface to a solid?


I am using a bit of software that creates STEP files. I want to cut out some mounting holes in this object but by default in DSM, the file is read-only.

I do have a convoluted way of exporting and re-importing via other software which ends up giving me a file with surfaces that I can pull, move etc. I don't seem to be able to cut a hole in a surface.

As an example, one 'surface' might be like this:

I have tried using the 'fill' tool and the 'combine' tool - I can't get either of these to help.

If I pull the bottom surface of this base 'surface', it makes a solid  I can cut a hole in but that doesn't help much.



1) Can I convert a surface to a solid?

2) If I buy the DSM Exchange module, STEP files should be imported as not read-only. Would a STEP file still be imported as surfaces? or solids? Would this help in ending up with a STEP file that I can cut mounting holes in?


Many thanks.

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