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DesignSpark Engineer Support FAQs

Frequently asked questions

What is DesignSpark Engineer?

DesignSpark Engineer is a mid-tier paid package with 3D modelling and PCB design software, complimented by engineering design services. It is a powerful design platform that can help take your prototypes to market and get enriched data on the parts you design in.

Here’s what you get in the DesignSpark Engineer pack (as of November 2022 – beta phase):

DesignSpark PCB - unlimited schematic sheets and PCB layer count, multiple file formats, Create BOMs and get RS pricing, View PCBs in 3D, Generate Manufacturing plots and IDFs for mechanical enclosure design, Blind and Buried Vias for high density PCB design, custom pad shapes, differential pair routing for high-speed signals, panel editor, hierarchical schematic blocks, powerful autorouter, Design Rule Check and Examine PCB before production.

DesignSpark Mechanical - 2D Sketch and 3D Geometry toolset, Import RSDOCS and IDFs (for PCB), 3D Mirror tool, Detailing tools to annotate parts and create manufacturing drawings, Exchange designs with SOLIDWORKS®, CATIA™ and AutoCAD® users in STEP, IGES, DXF and DWG formats, Measure and Quality tools, Enhanced Shading, and lighting, Create and export BOMs.

Access to online component libraries (2D symbols, 2D footprints, 3D models)

Parts intelligence – Average Price and lead times, RS Pricing and Stock data, Alternative parts, Risk assessment (Lifecycle, Supply Chain, Environmental), Conflict minerals, DRC status, MPN search, RS Stock number search, Datasheets, HTS, EECN, Schedule B, CAS numbers, EU RoHS, China RoHS and REACH compliance status, Environment Friendly Use Period (EFUP), Product status (active, obsolete, etc.), Part Category and description.

Learning and Support - self-learning content (FAQs, tutorials, guides, advanced tips), support centre (troubleshooting articles) and community forum.

And, coming soon:

Cloud-based electronic circuit simulation and schematic design tool.

Cloud-based reference designs - supplier products and commonly used electrical circuits.

Sustainable Design Solutions.

Who uses DesignSpark Engineer?

DesignSpark Engineer is for those seeking a comprehensive engineering design package for professional use. Including Mechanical and PCB design software, accurate model libraries, superior product intelligence, advanced learning, and support resources.

Is DesignSpark Engineer free-of-charge?

No, a paid subscription is required. This subscriptions gie sthe user access to our most comprehensive set of features, information advanced tutorials to really improve the design process.

Is commercial use allowed on the DesignSpark Engineer plan and is my design IP protected?

Yes, commercial use is allowed on the DesignSpark Engineer plan. You will have full ownership (including Intellectual Property - IP) of any project you create with our software. Design files from our primary CAD software (DesignSpark Mechanical and PCB) are saved locally on the device you have installed the software to. Therefore, only you can access your own design files.

How many copies of each software can I install with 1 DesignSpark Engineer licence?

With DesignSpark Engineer, you can have up to 3 copies of each software installed on any computer.

How can I convert my DesignSpark Engineer licence to an Explorer or Creator licence?

Make sure you are logged in to and then look for ‘manage subscription’ in your account area. Select your new subscription plan and you will be guided through the remaining steps.

Do I need to renew my DesignSpark Engineer licence?

All our DesignSpark subscriptions auto-renew monthly, you can choose to cancel (before the next billing date) via the manage subscription option in your account area. Once cancelled, you will have access to the subscription content until the next billing date.