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Traco Power DC-DC Converters – the power behind e-gnition Hamburg Formula Student team

The Formula Student constitutes the world's largest engineering competition. Every year, hundreds of teams from globally represented universities design electric or conventionally powered racing cars, including vehicles with autonomous driving functions. For the past seven years, the Formula Student Team “egnition Hamburg” has been represented at Formula Student Events all over Europe with electric racing cars, and since the inception of the Formula Student Driverless three years ago, with an autonomous vehicle as well.

Thanks to the generous sponsoring, the team was able this year to again use DC‑DC converters by TRACO POWER in some of its circuit boards. 

Watch this video find out more about the role Traco Power played...

I had the pleasure to work more than a decade in the medical device industry (Femtosecond lasers for eye surgery and endoscopy). In my position as product development manager I help to “translate” the requirements (and wishes) of both, engineering & health care professionals, to my system/Software engineering colleagues. At TRACO Power (a leading company for power conversion products), me and my team are responsible for product management, marketing and communication.

10 Oct 2019, 13:32