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Five ways to get your Arduino project online

Andrew Back
Open source (hardware and software!) advocate, Treasurer and Director of the Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation, organiser of Wuthering Bytes technology festival and founder of the Open Source Hardware User Group.


December 8, 2012 18:11

Great article, although I think you're missing some parts. For example, the xPort from Lantronix, which is a complete ethernet module the size of your thumb. The unit is a bit pricy (about 50$ i think), but then you get a complete web server, with javascript functionality, telnet and COM-port forwarding (virtual com port). that way you can operate a COM port just as if it was on your own machine, but the traffic will show up on the remote device.

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December 6, 2012 14:49

This is great timing.

I have recently made a twitter powered gumball machine using an arduino with ethernet card that listens to the hashtag #candy4greg.

My build details are on my blog at

Stop by and let me know what you think, or send anyone a tweet with the hashtag #candy4greg and I get lovely delicious candy.

Go ahead, spoil my appetite, I don't mind in the slightest :)

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