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20 Mar 2017, 11:17

Five Tips for Rapid Automation System Selection, Design and Quotation

PlantStruxure is Schneider Electric’s Industrial Automation control system architecture which includes many offerings from field to enterprise - such as Modicon PACs and ePACs, human machine interface, variable speed drives, motor starting, field devices, control and signalling, energy management, industrial Ethernet networking and connectivity, cybersecurity, and supervisory control and data acquisition.
With such an extensive scope of offer, it’s important to provide users with easy to drive, robust selection tools in order to minimize project time invested in selection, design, quotation and configuration - PlantStruxure Builder is a freely available tool to do exactly this.

Watch our set of 5 short video clips which introduce the power and flexibility of PlantStruxure Builder:

1 – Define system IO requirements
Define your system IO requirements and preferences for rack sizes, spares % or spare slots, power supplies, environmental protection. Let PlantStruxure Builder do all the hard work constructing your architecture and interconnections according to your pre-set preferences.


2 - Fine-Tune architecture in Graphical Editor
Optionally, open up the automatically generated architecture inside Unity Pro graphical configuration editor and fine your application, add, delete or drag/drop modules, change processors, power supplies, racks. This configuration can be shared directly inside Unity Pro configuration software later

3 – Accessorise 
Add accessories such as IO wiring adaptors, terminal blocks, pre-wired options and cabling interface solutions. Use pre-written accessory profiles or create your own to reduce risk and speed up component selection.

 4 – Expand
Add additional equipment into your architecture eg. HMI and iPCs, variable speed drives, energy monitoring, motor starter management, industrial Ethernet switches, configuration software.

 5 – Create and Deliver
Finalise and create your project architecture using PlantStruxure Builder’s in-built graphical viewer, and then view and export your bill of materials ready for quotation and raising your purchase order.


More details on Schneider Electric’s PlantStruxure are available on this additional video clip.

PlantStruxure Builder User Guide is attached to this article.
For access to PlantStruxure Builder click here

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20 Mar 2017, 11:17