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6 Aug 2018, 12:47

Fitting out the RS Pro enginneers workbench - and competition update

So this month we have added a few products to our workbench, here is a quick video overview. Remember each month there is a chance to win a great RS Pro product for your own bench,

With lots of great products within the RS Pro range, it's hard to narrow down our selection. These products have been chosen to get us started with a fully functioning bench fitted out entirely by RS Pro products. We hope you like them.

Description Stock Number
ICT76 Component Tester (123-3221)
LCR1703 LCR Meter (123-3254)
HS608 Meterscope (144-5337)
IDM505 Multimeter (124-1960)
ICM30R Clamp Meter (small jaw) (123-3252)
IPM245F Clamp Meter (124-1963)
7bar Pressure Meter (146-7720)
SAC305 Lead Free Solder (756-8884)
AFG21005 Function Generator (123-3529)
8 Piece Tool Kit (018-2127)

Our next competition (check back here 1st September) will be focused on winning the RS Pro Digitial Storage Oscilloscope (123-6441) , As Greig mentions there will be an unboxing video plus details of how to enter.

Also if you have suggestions for further RS Pro products to appear or would like to see one close up, just make a comment below and we'll see what we can do. 

Previous winners of RS Pro engineers workbench are:

Ghostkingz - Meterscope (144-5337)

TegwynTwmffat - USB scope (163-2719)

Our current competition is open until August 31st 

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6 Aug 2018, 12:47