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Find surface mount push button switch

I am looking for a surface mount push button switch to replace a damaged one on a PCB that I am trying to repair. I'm not sure whether it is single pole or double pole, nor whether it is NC or NO, but if I had to guess I'd say it was single pole NO. It has 4 pads. I have placed a picture of the switch at Can anyone suggest what this switch may be (make and part number) and where I can buy it, or suggest a close alternative?

Thanks - Rowan

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June 14, 2018 07:49

See your previous post...

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June 14, 2018 07:50

Too many to choose from. They are usually NO. Trace the circuit see where the solder points are connecting to and reverse engineer.

Maybe this
or this

I think you need to look at the selection and then the parametric search and filter.

Good luck

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