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FIFTH PROJECT: A cryotrap for the purification of liquid helium designed with DSM 5


My fifth project is an essential part of the liquid helium purification line. 

On its way to the liquefier, where it will be turned into -269 deg Celcius (4 Kelvin) liquid, helium gas has to be purified from contaminants such as humidity, CO2, CO, hydrogen, oxygen, etc. Part of this purification process is done in a specially designed cryotrap, filled with both liquid nitrogen (-197 deg celsius) and molecular sieve (zeolites).
The trap is part of the Helium Liquifier, located at the Quantum Materials & Design Lab, at FORTH-IESL, Heraklion, Crete, Greece (Dr. Alexandros Lappas).

DesignSpark Mechanical used to design a dewar vessel

This is a dewar vessel, separated into three sections, a vacuum, liquid nitrogen, and a zeolite. The outer section contains the vacuum and insulates the cold heart of the trap from the ambient environment. On the cold walls of the mid-section, the contaminant molecules are frozen but not the helium ones (they do at a lower temp). The heart of the trap is a cylinder filled with porous material that serves as an extra filter for remaining contaminants.

All parts designed with DesignSpark Mechanical 5. Tools practiced: sliced image, transparency, image projection on the surface, various types of cuttings, blend tool, floating 2D text.


I am a physicist, working as a research technician at the Institute of Electronic Structure & Laser of the Foundation for Research & Technology - Hellas, in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. Our institute is a satisfied RS customer. I am specialised in lasers and vacuum technology. I am also a CAD designer with years of experience. DSM is currently my primary CAD software. "ScieRtist"

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May 5, 2021 09:16

Nice to see vacuum devices on this site, it's not very common. I'm a supplier of vacuum components for your Institute, if you need 3D models for vacuum components just ask, I'll be happy to help.

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May 16, 2021 05:56

@dariop Hello! Yes, we use a large number of vacuum equipment and accessories! We ll keep it in mind! Thank you!

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