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Fibre to the Home with Souriau

The desire for more and faster consumer services - telephone, cable TV, broadband - has driven the need for the hardware to handle the great data rates required.  That means cables, active devices and connectors.  Souriau have created the UTS-LC connector as an ideal solution for running Fiber to the Home (FTTH).

FTTH is the latest technology for getting high speed video and internet to a premises via Fiber Optic cables. The UTS-LC solution offers a quick, robust method of installing the fiber optic contacts together in a IP68/69k package that can be buried directly, saving time and cost on installation and equipment. It is also UV resistant and has been tested to five years of exposure with no degradation of color and performance.


What makes the UTS-LC connector the best choice for FTTH applications is the flexibility and ease of use. With its bayonet design, robust shell material and high cable retention system, the UTS design provides the fiber optic joint with a water-tight, robust seal, and with its IP68/69k rating, the ability to bury the connector without the need for installing expensive and time consuming junction boxes.

The UTS connector does not come with the fiber optic LC contact, rather it is designed to accept all standard LC contacts, allowing the installer to utilize their normal supply chain of LC contacts and keep their total cost to a minimum.

The UTS-LC is also a great choice for repairing existing fiber optic lines. Rather than using expensive fusing splicing equipment to repair broken fiber optic lines, the installer can terminate standard LC contacts to the line, mount it in the UTS-LC connector, and the fix is complete. This video shows quickly how easily this connector can be installed.

Click here to take a look at the full Souriau UTS series at RS Components


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11 Jul 2016, 11:56