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FemEng lab Episode 1: The Breadboard

Hello everyone!

This is the first video of FemEng Lab series. Don’t know what FemEng Lab is? If you’ve missed the introduction, click here to find out more!

To make a quick summary: FemEng is a student-led network based at the University of Glasgow which aims to break down the gender barrier in the engineering sector. To empower women, we have a wide range of activities, from local and international outreach to networking events with professionals from industry and academia.

With help from the Grass Roots team at RS Components, we have created this series of videos to take you through the various equipment and materials that you might come across during your first electronic lab. Aimed particularly at freshers, or those students who haven’t yet been able to get hands-on in a lab, we hope to give you the knowledge to feel more confident during what may otherwise be quite an intimidating time.

So, what is the first topic going to cover?

Here is a clue:
My first is what the French make the best.
My second is essential to surfing.
My whole is the topic of our first video!

Did you get it? In this video, Natalia, our Technical Convenor, will explain to you what it is, what it’s for and how to use it! Take it away, Natalia:

We hope this video answered all the questions that you thought were too stupid to ask (there is no such thing as a stupid question!) so you don’t then spend the rest of your degree wondering what this white square with a weird name is for. If you have any more questions about it, we would love to help. Also, if anyone knows why it has this particular name, please let us know in the comments section below!

Next week’s video will be about the multimeter. It will be released next Monday, so be sure to follow us on all of our social media, here is our Linktree!

Jeanne Michalon (she/her)
4th Year Mechanical Design Engineering

Series Contents:

FemEng Lab Introduction

FemEng Lab Episode 1 - The Breadboard

FemEng Lab Episode 2 - The Multimeter

FemEng Lab Episode 3 - The Oscilloscope and Function generator

FemEng Lab Episode 4 - The Oscilloscope Probe

FemEng Lab Episode 5 - The Voltage Divider Circuit

FemEng is a student network at University of Glasgow that aims to Empower Women in Engineering. ​ The group has a number of focuses including outreach work with schools, networking events with industry professionals, social activities, workshops and international collaborations.
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