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FemEng lab Episode 2: The multimeter

Hi everyone! Welcome to the second video in the FemEng Lab Series, where Natalia will introduce the multimeter and the basics of how to use it. 

You probably would have used a hand-held digital multimeter at some point in school to measure voltage, current, or resistance. The digital multimeter used in this video is the same tool, except it is designed to be more suitable for laboratories or education. You are likely to use this multimeter in electronic labs, where measuring these values will help you calculate many more values asked of you in the lab sheet given to you.

So as you can imagine, it is quite a useful tool to be able to use! We will demonstrate how to use the multimeter using the breadboard from the previous video.

Click here if you missed it!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s video. In the next video, Natalia will talk you through the oscilloscope and function generator. 

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See you next week!

Emily Prentice (she/her)
4th Year Mechanical Engineering

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FemEng is a student network at University of Glasgow that aims to Empower Women in Engineering. ​ The group has a number of focuses including outreach work with schools, networking events with industry professionals, social activities, workshops and international collaborations.
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