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14 Dec 2015, 10:44

FEDEVEL Academy Design a PCB casing with DesignSpark Mechanical


Robert Feranec is the founder of FEDEVEL Academy, a Californian based school dedicated to teaching schematic and PCB design principles to hobbyists, engineers and companies alike. The FEDEVEL Academy website features a popular blog called the ‘welldone blog’, where you can find lots of real life examples of applications and projects, and interact as a community in the popular forums.

Robert recently discovered the popular free to download software DesignSpark Mechanical and used it to design an enclosure for a PCB he had created. With little previous experience, he quickly produced a precision fit casing and captured a video of his experience which he shared on the FEDEVEL website. Modestly describing himself as not an expert in the software, it’s hard to tell as he completes his design in no time at all!

In the video Robert explains the advantages he found with the software, the ease of use, and demonstrates the functionality in real time during the creation of his project, explaining in detail what functions and tooling he used as the design takes shape. From simple geometric designing to importing components into the program, Robert shows us what can be achieved, easily and intuitively with DesignSpark Mechanical software.

The FEDEVEL Academy also has its own very popular Youtube channel, where student engineers can learn even more about circuit design from the great videos that are available there. Roberts aim in the videos is to inspire his students, and offer advice and expertise that will help them with their future careers goals, in both PCB design and in using DesignSpark Mechanical software in this case!

Countless years taking things to bits to see how they Fighting the good SEO & content battle at Kempston Controls! Still Number 3 in the XP table - Booooom!

14 Dec 2015, 10:44