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Fast SPI connections through isolation

ADI iCoupler
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May 11, 2013 10:37

To get rid of that problem, I have to delete the component in the crashed schematic and add it again (with renaming) and connect all the wires again. Since this is the third time DS crashed and I have to connect several (>20 Wires) again, I am annoyed doing that to get a clean version of my schematics.
Why has every schematic its own component bin? Is there a good argument for that or is it only a relict of upgrading older versions?

The first issue has a bad work around but I still have the problem with the destroyed schematic (which is in fact the reason of the issue above).

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May 8, 2013 21:18


I'm using DS4 since one Month now and think this is a nice tool (especially for hobby users like me). BUT:

The software crashed sometimes and this caused my multi-sheet schematic to get out of order. Since the components should be spread along the sheets, I use the component bin very often.
First problem is that after the crash, my schematic which was last edited is now empty and black - no components, nothing.
Second problem is when I am using the back up file the component bin is not right. This means that I have an instance in sheet1 named "XYZa" (gate a of XYZ) and in the sheet2 "XYZb" (gate b of XYZ) but in sheet1 the component bin reports the that XYZb is still "available".
Is there something (e.g. a tool) that can repair the component bin or the content?

Maybe this could be an improvement for laterversions, that there is only one component bin for the whole project. Placing one gate of an instance will add the missing gates for all schematics in the project. No new adding, renaming of components.

There is a third error I have noticed: When creating a new schematic and trying to copy content (gates of components and some components) from an old schematic to this new one the gates can not be copied due to this "adding and renaming" of components. This nearly destroyed my hole design while I tried to get some order in my design (spliting in power, analog and digital) because I cut the gate and components around it and I could not paste it again but the schematics where saved due to the removement of the gate (in conjungtion with the component bin).

Is there any suggestion to that issue? If you need some more details, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


P.S.: It is the same with DS5

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