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Fairchild Power Supply Design Tools

Fairchild Semiconductor Power Supply WebDesigner Tool

titleFairchild have introduced their Power Supply WebDesigner tool that offers a suite of time-saving aids for designing, specifying and optimizing your power supply solution. Device selection, design, analysis, and simulation is made easy because Fairchild have already built the models, calculations, and iterative steps of power supply design into the tools. Of Value to novice and experienced engineers, WebDesigner’s industry-leading capabilities and flexibility in automated design and simulation will increase your confidence without the need for trial and error design with a hardware prototype. It is these types of tools being provided by the leading semi manufacturers that are saving days to weeks on in the design cycle.

With the schematics and parts lists incorporating the latest parts on hand from the tool the step to sourcing is a small one. 

More about Fairchild

A global leading semiconductor manufacturer ($1.4bn revenue) with a history that goes back to the earliest days of transistor, integrated circuits and OpAmp invention with the breakaway of the infamous “Traitorous Eight” that gave rise to the semiconductor industry as a whole.

Fairchild have built their reputation over the years on developing and manufacturing a complete portfolio of low- to high-power solutions that are known for innovation, robustness and value.

The new strategic drive is simple; focus on breakthroughs in technology to deliver products that are the smallest with the lowest power consumption, to step ahead of the competition.  

The Fairchild of today is therefore a dynamic forward thinking powerhouse that is clearly keeping close to design engineers and giving them the products they want.

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