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Fairchild Delivering on the Challenge of Lowest - Highest - Smallest


The 800V SuperFET® II MOSFET family demonstrates how Fairchild Semiconductors continue to ensure that new product releases deliver on headline grabbing lead features of: 


  • Lowest
  • Highest
  • Smallest
  • Best-in-Class
  • Most Cost-Effective
  • High Performance
  • Best Thermal Characterisation

Fairchild's 800V SuperFET® II MOSFET family of devices covering an RDS(ON) range of 4.3 Ohm to an industry low of 60 mOhm is a great example.  The FCD850N80Z, a key member of the family, combines an exceptionally low 850 mOhm RDS(ON)(max) in DPAK with 6~11 percent lower RDS(ON) (max)  and 8~13 percent lower Coss (@400V)  than its primary competitors, making it ideal for LED lighting applications which require low resistance and are size constrained.

 The investment in the underlying technology advancements on “Me Too” products will ensure that the likes of Fairchild continue being seen as one of the leading suppliers of high-performance power semiconductor solutions. In this case it is the utilisation of Super Junction Technology to enable charge balancing that is delivering the low on-resistance. This technology is tailored to minimize conduction loss, provide superior switching performance, dv/dt rate and higher avalanche energy.

 Super Junction Technology


 RS Components Links:

FCPF1300N80Z - N-channel MOSFET Transistor, 4 A, 800 V, 3-pin TO-220F

FCPF850N80Z - N-channel MOSFET Transistor, 6 A, 800 V, 3-pin TO-220F

FCPF650N80Z - N-channel MOSFET Transistor, 6 A, 800 V, 3-pin TO-220F

FCPF400N80Z - N-channel MOSFET Transistor, 6 A, 800 V, 3-pin TO-220F

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