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ステンシルレイヤーから一部のパッドを除外したい、レジストマスクを追加したい Exclude some pads from the stencil layer, or add a resist mask.





ステンシルレイヤ(Paste Mask)に入れないためにはどうすればいいのでしょうか?

パッケージを作るときにDesignTechnology - Layer Types - Paste Mask - Surface Padsなどの



マスクが必要なのですが、Add Shapeを追加してFillで塗りつぶし、レイヤをSolder Maskに変更しても


これはライブラリでPCB Symbolsに入れても、基板上にShapeを作成しても、別のダミーレイヤを作って






Exclude some pads from the stencil layer, or add a resist mask.

I have a question about the layers in the card edge connector area.

I am making a card edge connector like the one in the attached image, but the pads along the edge are made from a library.

I have created a library for the pads that line the edge, but because I created it from SMD pads, there are holes in the stencil as well.

What can I do to keep them out of the stencil layer (Paste Mask)?

When I create the package, DesignTechnology - Layer Types - Paste Mask - Surface Pads, etc.

I have tried switching the Yes/No options when creating the package, but it didn't work.

Also, I need to mask the edge connectors so that I don't have to apply resist in the area where the edge connector mating area is normally located.

However, even if I add an Add Shape, fill with Fill, and change the Layer to Solder Mask, it is not added to the Gerber data.

This is not added to the Gerber data.

This can be done either by putting it in PCB Symbols in the library, or by creating a Shape on the board, or by creating another dummy layer and

I have created another dummy layer and added it in Layers when outputting Plots, but it does not work.

I have been trying to merge masks manually by opening the Gerber data in Notepad after outputting Gerber data on a different layer.

I have been merging masks manually.

Please help me to solve this problem somehow.

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