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30 Apr 2015, 7:00

Electronic Product Design Project Competition - City University of Hong Kong

Judgement Day is here! Two semesters of planning and hard work has brought 6 selected teams putting their electronic design and programming knowledge to the test.

Using an Arduino based robot, the goal is to pick an object (plastic cube) and deliver it to the target (through a hoop into a bin) after travelling on a customized track to test maneuverability. The students utilized DesignSpark PCB to complete their PCB layout designs with component sponsorship by RS.

Judging criteria included the speed of completion, efficiency of the pickup, delivery and track guidance system. 
The overall design of the robot was also inspected.

Check out these pics from the event:
























































And, here are the winners !



Lai Chun Tak, Lam Kwok Wing

Gold Award

Wu Zhanhong, Mao Shu, Xu Bowen

Silver Award

WANG Shiqi, FENG Mohan, XU Jian, WU Xuan

Silver Award

Lee Yin To, Yau Lok Yin, Ng Lok Fung, Chan Chi Wai

Creative Idea Award

Kwok Tsz Wing, Chao Ming Yu, Chow Man Yiu, Wan Shuk Ying

Certificate of Merit

Ho Ka long, Mak Kwan Hong, Waqas Mahmood

Certificate of Merit















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A curious mind with a passion for 3D CAD & rapid prototyping. Working towards improving the DesignSpark Mechanical software at RS, add-in for SolidWorks 3D among other projects.

30 Apr 2015, 7:00