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Entrelec have a planned approach to terminal blocks

Welcome to the first of many insights into the world of connectors. Connector Geek will be sharing his knowledge gained through years of hands-on experience, industry insight and real-life application examples to provide you with what's important in the world of connectors.

Here is a small taste of what is to come, follow Connector Geek for all future highlights 

Coming soon:

Connector Geek will look at the humble terminal block (DIN Rail Terminals), the vital but unglamorous connector that we have come to rely on for so much.

Covering a seven-step concept from Entrelec, Connector Geek will focus on the key milestones to get the best from your design. Using the Entrelec range of products he will highlight; planning, termination technologies, installation techniques, marking, testing and maintenance, power distribution and grounding.

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25 Jun 2019, 12:10