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Entering the age of visualization with this smart signal tower


Supports a variety of communications protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP

Traditionally, a signal tower was mainly used as a signal light for factory machinery. While signal towers are still in use as such, they are now required in far more diverse areas of activity. In addition to laboratory automation, the IT industry or a smart factory, there are many other areas of application that require a needs-based programmable signalling and acoustic solution. By supporting various protocols, the signal tower can be controlled via software and IT devices, for example, to visualize processes, cycle times or optimization potentials within the production line. With common and simple command controls, the signal tower can be quickly integrated into a company's system and adapted to the desired tasks.

  • Improving productivity by visualization of SCADA software.
  • Increasing security with IP camera detection alert.
  • Visualization of sensing data such as temperature and humidity.

Signal tower connectivity


Configurable LED light motion and buzzer tones

In addition to controlling the turning on and off of LEDs and buzzers like a normal signal tower, the smart signal tower allows pre-configured LED light movements and buzzer patterns to be set through commands. This enables an intuitive visualization and an improved display that contains more information.

  • Visualizing cycle times of machines to reduce downtime.
  • Displaying air pollution levels.
  • Fire prevention by monitoring the heat of the disposal site.

Signal tower modes

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