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Engineering Design Show 2016 - Our Products

RS Components is proudly sponsoring this year's Engineering Design Show at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on 19-20 October 2016. 

Our stand at F9 showcases the latest products and solutions from RS Components. There is also an information zone to find out about DesignSpark, our engineering community which provides free personal and commercial design software, tools and resources to engineers globally.

These are the products that you will find on stand, feel free to ask a member of our on-stand team for more information. 

Some of our favourite Development Kits

Arduino Starter Kit with Uno Board
RS Part Number: 761-7355

The Arduino Starter Kits use the Arduino Uno as a main board, with the board featuring an AVR ATmega 328 microcontroller. Primarily an educational tool for newcomers to Arduino and electronics, the starter kits are also suitable for the experienced designer

DC Motor Control Shield with BTN8982TA
RS Part Number:

The Infineon DC Motor Control Shield is a high-current motor control board compatible with both the Arduino Uno R3 and the Infineon XMC1100 Boot Kit. The board is capable of driving a single bi-directional motor in full bridge configuration or two unidirectional motors in half-bridge mode and includes two BTN8982TA half-bridge driver ICs

TinkerKit Braccio - Arduino Controlled Robotic Arm
RS Part Number:

The TinkerKit Braccio is a fully operational robotic arm, controlled using an Arduino Board. Designed for desktop use and is supplied in kit form so you can assemble it to your own requirements

Intel Edison board for Arduino
RS Part Number:

The Intel Edison is a System-on-Chip (SoC) development platform enabling inventors and consumer product designers to develop 'Internet of Things' (IoT) and wearable computing products.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B SBC
RS Part Number:

The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B looks identical to the Pi 2 B at first glance. It is the same size and has much of the same components on board. So what is the difference? The new Pi 3 brings more processing power and on-board connectivity, saving you time with the development of your applications. Perfect for your Internet of Things (IoT) designs

Raspberry Pi LCD Touch Screen — 7 inch
RS Part Number: 899-7466

The Raspberry Pi has it's very own official LCD Touch Screen. A few years in the making, the Raspberry Pi Foundation wanted you to have the perfect display screen for your Pi without compromise.

HexiWear Wearable Development Kit
RS Part Number: 923-6084

Hexiwear is a wearable development kit for the Internet of Things. A small and sleek, low-power device packed with sensors to quantify yourself and the world around you.

STM32F7 Series Discovery Kit
RS Part Number: 882-0278

The Discovery Kit helps explore the STM32F7 Series of microcontrollers based on the high-performance ARM® Cortex®-M7 32-bit core.

Smart architecture with new peripheral set, accomplish real-time capabilities, digital signal processing, and feature power efficiency

RN2483 868 MHz LoRa Mote Development Node
RS Part Number: 912-5363

The Microchip RN2483 LoRa® Mote is a LoRaWAN™ Class A end-device based on the RN2483 LoRa® modem module. The board provides a quick and easy to use platform for demonstrating the capabilities of the RN2483.

UTC2000 USB Type-C Controller Evaluation Kit
RS Part Number: 102-5780

The Microchip EVK-UTC2000 is a complete kit to demonstrate the UTC2000 USB-C Controller in both Host (DFP) and Device (UFP) modes.

The kit comprises of 1 Host and 1 Device board that convert any USB Type-A port into a USB Type-C port. These boards allow differing device configurations and USB-C charging profiles to be explored.

Hexiwear Iot Dev Kit accessory pack
RS Part Number: 122-2280

Accessory pack converts Hexiwear IoT Development Kit by MikroElektronika into a wearable. The wearable options are a sporty wristband or a soft cover keychain and includes a front mask.

Diolan SensiBLE IoT Module
RS Part Number:

The Diolan SensiBLE IoT Module features a suite of sensors, Bluetooth and a microcontroller in a tiny, certified design. It enables designers to incorporate Bluetooth and sensors into a design in the minimum amount of time.

As the module is certified and compact you can even use the module directly in the end design

Official Raspberry Pi Kit
RS Part Number:

With this kit, you’ll be exploring, programming and experimenting with a Raspberry Pi within just a few minutes. This Official Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit has everything you need. Just plug in the cables, attach to your TV or monitor and turn on.

Using the included operating system (NOOBS) you will see a different but familiar desktop with program icons and menu which lists the available software. If you connected to your Pi to the Internet via an Ethernet connection you will have a choice of which operating system you want to use.

It is the perfect kit to get you started with any project, classroom lesson, in the lab or at home. For inspiration, a book of 9 fun projects is included to get you started on your road to invention.

Vishay K...H Series High Operating Temperature Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Kit (HOTcaps)
RS Part Number:

The K...H Sample Kit from Vishay has 240 pieces from the K...H high operating temperature multilayer ceramic capacitor (HOTcap) series. This capacitor sample kit offers 24 different radial MLCC capacitors that differ in dielectric, capacitance value and voltage, with 10 of each variety supplied.

Automotive fuse kits
RS Part Number:

Brought to you by Littelfuse, this selection of automotive fuse kits are specifically designed for use in automotive applications, but can also be used in low voltage electronic applications.

RS Pro Right Angle Type C USB Connectors
RS Part Number:

From the trusted RS Pro brand, a series of professional quality USB C connectors. These USB C right angled sockets are slim and compact in design making them ideal for small portable devices.

Phoenix Contact SKEDD 5.0 mm pitch PCB Terminal Blocks
RS Part Number:

From Phoenix Contact, a series of one piece PCB mount connector. These 5.0 mm pitch PCB terminal blocks feature SKEDD technology which utilises push in spring contacts designed to fit PCB holes perfectly.

APEM SN Series T-Bar Faders
RS Part Number:

The SN series of precision T-bar faders from APEM feature the latest generation Hall effect sensors and industry standard mounting. With precision ball race bearings and PTFE guides, these faders offer absolute positioning

In the Display Case

PowerLED RGBD Flexible LED Strip Kits
RS Part Number: 122-1777

This range of kits from PowerLED includes everything you need for your digital RGBD LED strip.

The digital RGBD flexible LED strips are available in IP20 and IP65 options and is 5 m long. They feature an exciting colour chasing function that enables you to choose from 99 different effects, with the help of an RF remote controller.

LUXEON XR-TX Series LED Array Modules
RS Part Number: 918-1256

The LUXEON XR-TX series from Lumileds are a family of rigid LED modules. They are ideal for applications that require efficient, high-performance LEDs on a robust module.

ILS Petunia Development Kits
RS Part Number: 920-9451

The ILK-PETUNIA-XXX Petunia development kits, from Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS), are lighting kits designed for aiding the growth of plants. It includes all the necessary equipment to develop a uniform growing light for plants.

TE Connectivity Nector M Lighting Splitter Connector
RS Part Number:

From TE Connectivity, the Nector M unsealed lighting connecting system is a modular connection solution that is designed to be quick and easy to install. This Nector M splitter connector is ideal for leading dual cables from a single source, and also for when cable extension and gender changing is required.

Stadium Illuminated Capacitive Switch
RS Part Number: 823-2255

These illuminated, capacitive touch switches are a revolutionary design eliminating the need for panel cut-outs and the worry of ingress protection. When using these switches all you need to factor in when designing the panel lay out, is the position of the switches and the size of switches you require

Harting Ha-VIS preLink Keystone Format RJ45 Jacks, Cat 6A
RS Part Number:

Harting Ha-VIS preLink keystone format Cat. 6A RJ45 jacks for 19" patch panels and outlets, complete with built in protective cover, in straight, or angled versions, supplied without termination block

RS Part Number:

Panasonic TPE series tantalum capacitors are part of the POSCAP range. Constructed from sintered tantalum as the anode material, the large surface area of the porous materials enables large capacitance.

ebm-papst AC Compact Fan Kits
RS Part Number:

From emb-papst, these AC Compact Fan Kits are a quick and efficient way to address ventilation needs. The fan kits incorporate a range of AC fans and are supplied with a power lead as standard. Each kit will also include either a finger guard or an air filter

Eco-Mate Cable Connectors
RS Part Number:

Diameter 30mm, length 73mm

Strain relief and seal in a single element

Ergonomically shaped handle for a better grip and safer handling

Possibility of fastening the protective cover to the housing with a clamping ring

Traco 3.96 to 6W DIP Single/Dual Output Regulated Isolated DC-DC Converter - TEN 5 Series
RS Part Number:

The Traco Power TEN 5 series is a range of isolated, 5 Watt, DC-DC converters in a DIP-24 package with industry-standard footprint. With their high efficiency these regulated converters allows an operating temperature range of -40°C to +75°C.

Panasonic ERJ6EN Series
RS Part Number:

Panasonic ERJ 6EN 0805 metal film resistors provide a lightweight, compact solution. Constructed from three layers of electrodes and a metal glaze thick film resistive element, these chip resistors are highly reliable.

XP Power - ECL Series of 5-30 W AC-DC Power Supplies
RS Part Number:

The ECL series from XP Power offers an excellent range of single, dual and triple output, 5 W to 30 W, AC-DC power supplies. These ultra-compact power supplies are available in open-frame PCB, open-frame chassis mount, encapsulated PCB and encapsulated chassis mount versions.

RS Pro 1m Fibre Optic Cable Assembly, Connector A: LC, Connector B: ST, Multi Mode OM1
RS Part Number:

Standard Fibre Patch Cords - LC to ST

Fibre optic patch cords in standard Duplex configurations featuring:

Polished ceramic ferrule SC connectors

Maximum insertion loss 0.5dB

Colour coded strain reliefs to indicate signal path

Low smoke, zero halogen insulation

TE Connectivity RT1 and RT2 Series PCB Power Relays
RS Part Number: 680-3849

RT Series 1 and Series 2 through hole mounting PCB power relays with a variety of contact configurations and coil voltages.

Schurter FMW2 Series 6A 250 V ac 60Hz Panel Mount Power Line Filter, with Solder Tab Terminals
RS Part Number:

FMW2 Series

All purpose filter in aluminium case

Available in 4 current ratings

Low leakage current

Sub-miniature pushbutton switch, Round
RS Part Number:

These pushbutton switches have been designed to be suitable for use within a wide range of applications and environments with a temperature range of -30 to +85 °C and are IP7 rated (upper side). They are single pole, single throw with an off-momentary switching action.

DT Receptacles
RS Part Number:

From Deutsch, this DT Series receptacle is designed for cable to cable connections, and when mated is sealed to a high degree of environmental protection. Safe, versatile and reliable, DT receptacle connectors are ideal for automotive applications

Flush Indicator Panel Mount LED Indicator
RS Part Number:

RS Brand 22mm, new premium LED indicators boasts anodised bezels that matches the lens colour offering a great looking indicator. The flush aluminium bezel also offers a much lighter and durable product which is sealed to IP67.

Molex Standard .06" Crimp Terminal Contacts & Tools
RS Part Number:

A range of 1.57mm Diameter Standard .062" Pin and Socket Crimp Terminal contacts available as gold-plated or tinned versions for use with receptacles housings stock number 236-2928 typically and for plug housings 236-2984 typically

RS Pro 9 Piece Electronics Tool Kit
RS Part Number:

Tool Kits - Electronic and Process Control

Electronics and Process Control Toolkits

A broad selection of high quality tools supplied in kits for the electronics and process control engineer

RS Pro RS 12 Digital Multimeter
RS Part Number:

This great value, compact, manual ranging multimeter is CAT III rated for 600 V. It has a robust double-moulded plastic housing and over-sized high contrast 2000 counts LCD display.

BARTH STA-600 Logic Module Starter Kit
RS Part Number:

The STG-600 is a highly integrated programmable logic controller providing outstanding graphical programming capability at lowest current consumption and small form factor.

With it is cutting edge features the STG-600 opens up completely new application fields with space restrictions and high integration level requirements.

Wurth Elektronik WCAP-ATG5 Series
RS Part Number:

WCAP-ATG5 Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor series

High temperature, +105°C general purpose product series

Load life: 2000h @ +105°C

Reflow soldering recommended

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