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emPack, The Complete Operating System for All IoT and Non-IoT Systems

The software package emPack is a one-stop solution for any developer creating an embedded system or IoT device. All software of this embedded operating system is added in source code for all 8-/16-/32-bit microcontrollers and microprocessors.

emPack components are written in C and can be compiled with the aid of standard ANSI/ISO C compilers. Moreover, the suite contains embOSemWinemFileembOS/IPemUSB- DeviceemUSB-HostemModbusemCompressemCryptemSecureemSSLemSSH, and SEGGER’s IoT Toolkit.

emPack is optimized for high performance as well as small memory footprints. It easily fits onto typical microcontrollers without requiring expensive external memory, preserving the price of the embedded computing system to a minimum. 

emPack users acquire high-quality software components that SEGGER continuously optimizes and enhances. It reduces the time to market drastically by using robust and well-tested components that simply work. Getting started with emPack is also very easy.

Another benefit of using emPack as a platform is portability: Switching to a different microcontroller - even with a different core - requires minimal changes. Standardizing on emPack enables you to enhance products when newer, more powerful processors are introduced, or to target a wider customer base with cost-optimized products using less expensive microcontrollers.

The software components bundled in emPack also serve as the solid foundation used in SEGGER hardware products, such as the J-Link/J-Trace debug and trace probe families and the Flasher production programmer family. Deployed in billions of devices, SEGGER hardware and software is known for both efficiency and reliability. It simply works!

Because all components work together through well-defined interfaces, existing projects that already have a mandated RTOS can use emPack's components by simply customizing a small range of OS adaptation functions. As an example, emPack has been thoroughly tested with Amazon's FreeRTOS. 

This video demonstrates the all-in-one embedded development package Embedded Studio PRO, containing SEGGER's IDE Embedded Studio and the object code of emPack. Embedded Studio PRO can be used free of charge by hobbyists, makers, students, educators, etc. in non-commercial environments.


More information on emPack can be found at:
Download the evaluation package here:


SEGGER Microcontroller is a full-range supplier of software, hardware, and development tools for embedded systems. The company offers support throughout the whole development process with affordable, high quality, flexible, easy-to-use tools, and middleware components. SEGGER, The Embedded Experts, offers middleware solutions for secure communication as well as data and product security, meeting the needs of the rapidly evolving IoT market.

28 Dec 2018, 9:06