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PCB dimensions

I have just taken delivery of RS Pro speaker, part number 117-6048, and although the mechanical design dimensions are available on the RS website the dimensions for a PCB footprint are not. Can someone point me in the right direction as I need to make up a PCB footprint.

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April 12, 2019 07:14

It looks from the data sheet like the contacts might be recessed. Speakers like these are usually available in one of three variants - solder pads for wires (what this one looks like), wires already attached, or with spring contacts, like RS Pro # 117-6047 (which is a little smaller speaker).

CUI makes one (CMS-181325-078S-67) similar to the RS PRO 117-6048 size-wise, but with spring contacts. Other specs may differ.

For the shallow apparent recess of the contacts on the 117-6048, an alternative might be to put something like the Harwin S7231-45R spring contacts on the PCB. These are small, and can give mechanical compliance. They are available in a number of heights, and are pick-and-place compatible. They can usually be found by searching for spring fingers. TE Connectivity also makes some. The spring contacts usually are gold plated in the contact area. One question in the case of using them with the speakers is what the contact material on the speakers is - whether they are nicely plated, or cheap, suitable for solder only.

(I have looked at them for making a custom connector to attach to the serial output connection on many inexpensive calipers. The spacing of those serial output connections doesn't fit any standard connector I've seen.)

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April 12, 2019 07:14

Hi Graham, I had looked at these on the web and thought they were free mounted, i.e. by wires, not PCB mounted. The connections I thought (from web image) were recessed i.e. would not sit on th PCB. Can you share a photo as you have the part as it could be useful for me as well.

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April 11, 2019 13:20

Please see on that page link named: Build or Request PCB Symbol & Footprint. After you click on it you will receive instruction how to proceed to request the model for that component.
If you cannot see that link then please read more about our great PCB Library Solution here:
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At the end you should be sent to this page where you can request to build that part model for free for almost any of main PCB design tool: