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Building Near Infrared LED Device for treating my arthritis

Hi I want to build a near infrared panel of 830Nm bulbs that can be handheld to self treat my arthritis
Basically something like this: is what I am trying to create, but I simply cannot afford the £100 they are talking about!
I found these and was wondering if these could be used e.g. get 50 of these and somehow embedd them into a circuit board + housing
Any tips hugely appreciated
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December 21, 2018 09:03

Hi Alex, yes I'm sure they will work the same, but question how many are required.
The product states:
200 mW/cm² @10cm
20 mW/cm² @ 70cm
Beam angle: 30 degrees

The LEDS you have selected are a similar angle
Angle of half intensity: ϕ = ± 38°
The power seems to be a peak power when pulsed
Radiant power IF = 100 mA, tp = 20 ms φe 55 mW
I haven't looked hard enough at the spec, is there a typical DC operating current and radiant power? That would be much easier to drive using a standard LED constant current driver. It would appear anything bellow 100mA DC is OK.

Looking at the original lamp data the theraputic range is 20 to 200mW/square cm so working out how many LED's with the distribution over the working area you want is the next step. I'll try to think this through when less tired :)

I had seen elsewhere someone proposing using minuture 830nm laser diodes without a lens to get a bigger power distribution, but cannot see why laser diodes would be any better than your LED choice.

December 21, 2018 09:03

This scientific PDF search engine can find some interesting articles Seems 830nm is good for wound healing as well.