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Transmission Control Module

Hi can anyone help me with information on the type of soldering process and the gel that is used for this?


June 22, 2018 15:27

Hi EbaYau - thanks for the advise - i did try to manual solder with no positive results, i only need to join the 3 medium pins closer to the top right of the unit, so after doing some research - Ultrasonic soldering could be an option that will work, but given my circumstance i don't have access to that equipment, instead i am using a adhesive conductive paint layered , will post the results once i have attempted it.

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June 22, 2018 09:12

Hi...We need to start at the soldering application to determine which solder process is used. This to determine if cleaning is required. For hand soldering goes: In general a hand soldering process with external flux is never a no-clean process. The operator will apply the external (additional) flux manually and the dispensed amount will vary on every application. For a soldering process to be no-clean, it must be guaranteed all flux has been activated when soldering.
With machine soldering, the heat is applied to the whole pcb and flux qty's are more defined. So a machine soldering application will more easily apply to no-clean conditions.

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