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PWM fan and thermostat

Hi I'm looking to save some money on a cooling system for a home audio cabinet. The cabinet has a glass door and will house a home cinema receiver, dvd player, raspberry pi and a chromcast. There are commercial solutions out there but they are pretty expensive. I presume I need a PWM fan, temperature controller that kicks in depending on the temperture and a power supply. Can anyone help? 



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April 29, 2019 07:58

Hi Tim, just some thoughts.
If the organisation allows have the highest power units at the top as this will naturally keep the least power-hungry cooler.
I would suggest a simple uP controlled fan which could also log data so you could examine the data and optimise. It doesn't have to IoT just a simple logger.
If going for a straight forward fan solution, I suggest having a low speed quiet fan running continuously and a second temperature-controlled fan running when required. This will reduce annoying fan off to on/full power noise (as can occur in laptops). The continuous fan may be adequate on its own, but the local enclosure, enclosure ventilation and usage will dictate what is required, hence a simple uP project may be better to allow optimisation.

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