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I live by a busy road. Air pollution is serious. I need a way of filtering the air of particulate matter. Combination of fan and filter. Which fan, which filter? Any ideas pl..

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March 11, 2019 19:42

Hi Simon,

There are several 'attacks' you can apply to this issue. The first is to filter the incoming air, if you have an air vent (which is unlikely) you could place some filter material in the air path. Open Windows will be far more difficult, but you may be able to put filters in any trickle vent if you have these. These will often contain some open cell sponge to remove dirt and keep bugs out and should be removable.
Any filter material should remove 2.5micron particles, so a search on this should return some products.

However you mention a fan and filter so I presume you are thinking of a windows closed situation and a recirculation filter. I haven't any experience with this but a computer size fan would be worth experimenting with, you can add an adaptor to connect a filter to the fan. As a disposable item the "PM2.5, 3M 9332 masks" could be tested. This model 8833 seems to be cheaper just make sure you have it the right way around or you will just blow through the exhale vent!
I would suggest having a multi stage filter, a course dirt removal filter followed by the 2.5 micron filter and then an activated carbon filter to remove volatile/organic components.
You may also want to try the HEPA filters as used in vacuum cleaned, here is a Kacher unit. HEPA filters shoud remove particles larger then 0.3micron so again a prefilter to remove dirt will make it last longer. If you do a search and view images you may find a size and shape that suites your needs, but for investigating duct tape joining a fan and filter will be OK.

How will you know it's working? You can get an amazing sensor by Honeywell to monitor your room and perhaps could even use this to control the filter?

Hope this helps and I would love to see your project and results.

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