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DSE 1.3 software update

Hello, we have been using DSE version 1.3 software since November last year. The projects carried out have been limited to 15 pages per project that this version had. When performing the migration, it tells us that the document has more than 15 pages. We do not understand the error message, and the impossibility of performing the migration since the previous version itself already gave us this limitation.
Please beg collaboration in this problem, since it is not only the projects already carried out but all those that we have in progress that stop us.
Thank you in advance for your help.
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March 20, 2020 15:03


The current version 2.0 places limit of 3 schematic/wiring diagrams per project. The 15 page overall limit remains from version 1. This new schematic limit in v2.0 is explained here:

If you have several projects from DSE v1 where your minimum schematic/wiring diagrams exceed 3 sheets, they you may want to consider the SOLIDWORKS Electrical upgrade offer now (heavily discounted for DSE v1 users) to keep a feasible solution for ECAD projects.
See here:

Kind regards,
DSE Support

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