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Semi-retired newbie, custom component creation

I'm not an engineer but have done quite a bit of mechanical/electrical design - no real electronics though.  I'm working on a project that utilizes an ESP32 DevKitC module ( and have built a working unit with a proto board and quite a few jumpers.  I am trying to create a schematic and PCB layout for it all to clean it all up. 

I *have* done some simple design with the software in the past and created some custom pads for switches/power etc. so I'm not completely unfamiliar with the new component wizard and the schematic building and PCB routing process.

What I'm trying to do is create a normal part that has two "columns" of 19 pads ("standard 2.54mm "pitch") spaced +/- 25.4mm apart but I'm struggling to find the right schematic and PCB symbols and then get it "sized" properly.

I tried using one of the 1X19 parts in the libraries I have, with 2 gates and got all the pins labeled properly, but when editing the part, both 19 pin gates are stacked vertically.

I know it's proabably something simple, but I'm just not seeing it.  Probably because I literally stayed up all night getting this circuit working.  :)


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January 25, 2021 08:15

I remembered this morning that I had to create and schematic and pcb symbol and then I could use those to create the component so I've got a 'working' part for my schematic.

I was not aware of the online library, but I did find a module that will work for me, so will get registered and get it added to my local libraries. Thx!

January 25, 2021 08:18

Hi, firstly are you aware of the online library? If not have a look at PPL in this section
Using the search engine for ESP32 there are many modules, but not the one you mention, however another may be of the same pin out?
If not you can request it to be built.

Using the component Wizard you should be able to create the footprint as a DIL part with the correct number of pins and spacing.

Post the question in the DSPCB forum as then we can paste images in the text which is better for an explanation.

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