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How to make my Red 1965 GPO phone ring with same noise as the 1966 Batphone

Dear Fellow Engineers, I am now 61 years old and trying to relive my boyhood dreams. I am in the process of converting a 1965 red GPO telephone into a 1966 Batphone complete with cake cover! One area yet to be achieved is the ringtone, please see link:  for the phone ringing sound.

The current bell ringing system is I beleive runs from a 75V ac supply.  I am having difficulty finding a buzzer that sounds very like the Batphone.  One problem is the inability to hear the buzzer before purchase from the Internet.  Do you know if such a buzzer exists?

I also have the exact ringtone on my mobile phone, so is there a component I can connect to the GPO phone that can be loaded with this ringtone and thus duplicates the Batphone ringtone?  I know that it may be alot of trial and improvement but do not mind a challenge!  Any assistance would be warmly welcomed.

David Gibson

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April 19, 2021 08:43

I agree with Dave, you could try out some piezo buzzers to try and get the required sound. The simplest run on DC and generate the sound, others behave like a speaker and you have to drive them at the required frequency.
You also used to be able to get cheap MP3 player circuit boards for doorbells to make a short announcement or play a tune and could put the batphone ring tone in that as MP3.

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April 19, 2021 08:43

That sounds like the buzzer from an alarm clock, that may be a good starting place

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