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DesignSpark Electrical V1.2 2017 SP1 (64bit only) contains the following new features and general fixes

New features
  • New type of virtual printer used (to avoid false warnings from anti-virus software)
  • Improved proxy server capability (use of default port)
  • New side panel for resources
  • New side panel to edit object properties
  • Ability to change attribute display when editing
  • New CAD properties tab in dockable panel
  • Ability to define insertion point when pasting graphics
  • Ability to undo/redo multiple actions
  • Graphical indication of parts of drawing impacted by a revision
  • Improved template generation for asset creation based on unit system selected
  • New interface to renumber documents
  • New improved terminal strip toolbar


DesignSpark Electrical V1.1 (64bit only) contains general fixes for the base software and improvements in customisation options for features 

New features
  • Obtain live product pricing and stock information from online information
  • Copy-paste wire styles from wire style manager
  • New side panel for resources
  • New side panel to edit object properties
  • Search in project - search wire style shows associated wires
  • New attributes to show book, page, column and row in origin destination arrows
  • Assign several symbols to a component at once
  • Add copy-paste command at project level to copy-paste books
  • General enhancements for formula manager
  • Improved translation of project
  • Project Macro - multiple page macro
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