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Efficiently Design and Use Your Keysight Arbitrary Waveforms

Keysight’s Trueform waveform generators (the 33500B and 33600A series) have a powerful built-in waveform editor and a complementary waveform builder software for PC/laptop. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to make your tasks easier.

  1. Customise with Ease

The Trueform waveform generator has the ability to change one segment of an arbitrary waveform without redesigning the whole signal. There are 2 ways to get this task done:

  • Use an embedded waveform editor that provides advanced editing capabilities to copy / cut / paste / edit waveforms.







  • Use the BenchVue Waveform builder PC/laptop software that provides further customisation flexibility.






With either one of these softwares, you can easily add that glitch into your test waveform and continue with your signal generation.

  2. Mix and Match

Using the Waveform builder software, you can build a library of arbitrary waveforms and combine them into a sequence of waveforms that can be played back as you planned. You can then easily re-sequence, or mix and match the arbitrary waveforms into any order you like.

With the deep waveform memory available in the Trueform waveform generators, you can store many more arbitrary waveform signals in your instrument; increasing your library of custom arbitrary signals. With all of the signals stored in the instrument, it’s easy to edit, save and recall all arbitrary sequences.








  3. Auto Sweep

This feature comes in handy when sweeping through different frequencies using the same arbitrary waveform signal in 2 steps:

  • Change the sample rate / frequency whilst retaining the shape of the customer arbitrary waveform signal.
  • Easily sweep through a list of predetermined frequencies and dwell time.









  4. Loop till Trigger

Trueform waveform generators have the ability to play a signal continuously - until an event starts another signal. The advanced triggering can be enabled without an external controller and allows you to switch to a different signal upon a single trigger or multiple signals on multiple triggers.


To illustrate these concepts, check out our video.

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17 Jul 2017, 15:10