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Created with a genuine appreciation of Educators’ needs

These course materials are structured so that Educators can use them as is or extract/combine the content and exercises to produce their own.

Solutions to the exercises or tests are provided separately.

List of semester teaching material


Introduction & preview: Analogue Devices Laboratory Manuals


Divided into four modules, Educators can use the materials to introduce students to Analogue Circuits. This ranges from basic semiconductors to complex circuit applications.

Introduction & preview: Lab manuals for PCB design


These Schematic and PCB Design materials are divided into four modules and enable Educators to teach Students schematic symbol generation plud though-hole and surface-mount footprints in an integrated design. Registered RS University Educators can access the solution manuals to support their requirements.

DS Mechanical

3D CAD DesignSpark Mechanical: Introduction & preview to 3D Design


The DesignSpark Mechanical materials cover theory, examples and exercises to give a full understanding of 3D CAD design. Educators can use the materials to teach non-mechanical engineers design for quick and effective exporting of components onto 3D printers in STL format. There are sufficient materials for semester long course.

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