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DSPCB 8.1 Don't want to start anymore- Why?- Error - Unable to verify registration

RE : [DesignSpark by RS Components] Re: I can't run DSPcb 8.1 is unable to verify authorisationmasquer
Dominique TERRIER
samedi 4 avril 2020 à 19:54
DesignSpark by RS Components support+ <>
Hello John,
I can not confirm anything, because when I launch DSPCB 8.1 it displays a 1st window with "Error - Unable to verify registration - OK" after 2nd window with "Error - DesingSpark Pcb is unable to verify authorization - OK" and finally a 3rd window with "Error - DesingSpark Pcb must be authorized in order to continue - OK "AND It's Over

On my DesignSpark account "The DSPCB is activated" and validated green.

My computer is old with a Window XP PRO SP3 Intel I 5 uP system - 3.40 GHz - 4 Go RAM

Internet connection is correct with Norton security antivirus, I don't use PROXY.

With or without Norton Antivirus and FireWall DSPCB does not work.

I don't understand because before DSPCB 8.1 work very well.
Do you have any idea of the problem.
Thanks in advance.
Best regards.


Le : 04 avril 2020 à 10:17 (GMT +02:00)
De : "DesignSpark PCB (DesignSpark by RS Components)" <>
À : "TERRIER Dominique" <>
Objet : [DesignSpark by RS Components] Re: I can't run DSPcb 8.1 is unable to verify authorisation

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DesignSpark PCB (DesignSpark by RS Components)

Apr 4, 09:17 BST

Hello Dominique,

Can you confirm the program has a serial number and an activation key, Go to Help - About and check that window.
Paste a copy of the serial number text into the ticket if the activation code is missing.

It may be that the DSPCB activation and the server have become out of sync, if so I will send a utility to un-register the program and allow you to reactivate.

Kind regards




TERRIER Dominique

Apr 3, 22:06 BST


I can't run DSpcb 8.1. Problem is registration. Before DSpcb was running without problem.
Thx for your answer.
Best regards.

Dominique Terrier.

DesignSpark Support


April 8, 2020 07:23

Hello Dominique, I checked with our support and they are waiting to hear from you.
It appears your installation has lost sync with the server. As stated in the message "It may be that the DSPCB activation and the server have become out of sync, if so I will send a utility to un-register the program and allow you to reactivate." If you contact them on the ticket they will assist you to resolve.

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April 8, 2020 07:23

@RS Components Support Hello, I contacted them on Saturday April 4, 2020, here is their response: DesignSpark Support Ticket - 8129 détails DesignSpark by RS Components mardi 7 avril 2020 à 11:03 réception TERRIER Dominique vous avez répondu à ce message ##- Please type your reply above this line -## Hi TERRIER 72 hours ago we contacted you regarding your support ticket 8129 - I can't run DSPcb 8.1 is unable to verify authorisation. We would really appreciate it if you could reply as our aim is to help solve any issues as quickly as possible. We are going to mark this request as solved, if you reply to this email with the requested information then the ticket will automatically be re-opened. If you believe that your problem has been solved then please ignore this email. Regards DesignSpark Support I don't Understand their answer. May be because I've 2 adress e_mails: Send with : Recept with: THX FOR Your Help. :) Best regards. Dominique.

April 8, 2020 08:47

@Amadeus I have also checked with support and you have raised a new ticket on this #8156 using your .fr email. This was responded to at approx 19:20 April 7, before your post above. If you have not received this please check your SPAM filter.

April 8, 2020 08:47

@Amadeus yes you must use your email registered with your DesignSpark account. With the huge amount of SPAM received it is likely your reply is filtered out and may be missed when the SPAM is sifted through to try and find valid replies. The automatic email you pasted is generated by the Zendesk system when no response has been received from our support team reply to you. Please always use and reply from your registered DS account email.

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