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26 Jan 2018, 8:57

DSM Hints and Tips: 3D object original colours & dealing with faint printed lines

Importing 3D objects and maintaining the original colour scheme

If you would like to preserve the original colour scheme from the software you created your original design on, turn the highlighted option off in DesignSpark Mechanical settings:

DesignSpark settings (top left hand corner of software window under DSM logo) ->  File Options -> General -> turn off 'use DesignSpark colour tones when importing'


View the original article here.


Printed Designs with faint lines or low-quality results?

In most cases, you will be setting a custom lineweight which usually means thicker edges or curves. However, you may notice that once printed on paper or as a PDF the lines start to look faint. This can be corrected easily by tweaking a few print settings.

The lineweight itself is a vector graphic property and the default print settings only print the existing design view as a raster image.

  1. Head over to File -> Print Preview
    2. Under settings, duplicate the highlighted options. The important one here is the overlay vector edges, which if left disabled does not load the correct lineweight and defaults to the 0.35mm (thin) setting.


You can see in the bottom right corner of the image that the edges are thick as per the initial design setting of 2.11mm.

If you'd like to print an image but find the output is blurry, try increasing the resolution setting to 200dpi. To change the current entry, double-click on the field 'automatic' and type in 200 or a higher number (in dpi - dots per inch)

View the original article here.

There are loads of hints and tips and handy design guides to be found in the ‘Using  DesignSpark Mechanical’ Zendesk area, great if you are having a little trouble fine-tuning your designs or need a refresher on a certain subject.

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26 Jan 2018, 8:57