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Sorry... I know I'm totally off-topic but... I can't find any support link on this new website... I was busy by job for some months, and when I came back to the DS website I found no ways to manage my previously installed DSPCB licenses in order to deactivate those obsoletes ones and activate new licenses on new PCs... Can someone help me, please?

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January 17, 2018 09:02

Nice to hear that my English is still good: I'm trying to change my occupation, and -if things will go right- I'll need to speak it more often. I gave a rapid look to both FAQs and forum: very useful, but I'm enough old (I'm 48) to appreciate turning real paper pages beside my keboard while I'm learning to use a software ;-) ...
About the Lap Timer, I think is a interesting project, but I have developed it directly as PCB layout (not starting from schematics), because I'm a self-made hobbyst and I'm not so well skilled about it... anyway, it could be a good start-point, and more expertised people could surely correct and improve it... If I'll change my job, I'll probably have more free time to revise it a bit and share it.
Hope I'll can do it in a near future...
Cheers :)

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January 15, 2018 08:47

Hello Giulio,
Sounds like a great project and would as summary or in detail make a nice article to show the application of DesignSpark PCB.
Regarding the PDF, yes please do share, but the PDF is quite old now and based on user feedback we have broken this down to FAQ's on small topics.
Have you seen our FAQ's?
we also have a community forum: where posts such this one should be posted to meet the most software users.
Regarding your English it is very good so don't have any concerns there!

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January 13, 2018 22:59

Thank You very much for your quick answer.
Yes, I've reached the 6 license limit, this is why i'd need to deactivate one from a old PC to install onto a new one... me and my brother use DesignSpark PCB on 3 desktops and 3 laptops, so the secret is unveiled. Ok, I'll wait for the new licensing system: I LOVE DS PCB and I used it to develop some little project, some for fun, some others most serious (a complete RC lap timing system), using both RS Components and chinese breakout boards in Arduino environment plus Windows applications written in PureBasic... my next steps are a italian translation of your DS PCB PDF guide (if You like, I'll upload it once finished), and soon I'll test my first factory-made PCB (until now I've etched every project by myself, and DS PCB offers a lot of options to adapt vias and pads sizes and shapes to PCB home-madeing needings)... Thank You very much, again!
(P.S.: sorry for my English... I've not many occasions to speak it...)

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January 12, 2018 08:46

Hello Giulio, you are obviously returning after some time and as you say there is a new website. Everything related to the software is available here:
With a link to the community/forum at the bottom of the page.

With the new website the ability to control registrations was removed and a new improved one is in development to cover all the software.

There should not be a need to deactivate activations as long as you do not reach the limit of 6 activations.Until the new activation process is live you cannot deactivate activations, however you can create a new account with a new user name and different email address and get a further 6 activations. Once the new activation process is live there will have greater control.

Since the launch of V8.0 deactivation issues related to Microsoft updates have been eliminated and a new install will retain your previous activation so the need to deactivate or reactivate is now much less.

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January 12, 2018 08:34

...Ooops! I was finally able to find some addictional information : it seems there is no way to manage old licenses (a max of six) until the "new regiistration page" is available... Not only: the NEW DS PCD 8.x SHOULD NOT have the six licenses limitation; Have I correctly understood? Can someone confirm? Thanks in advance to who will answer me.

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