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Downsize the control panels and save time with OMRON E5CC-B


New version of a leading temperature controllers E5CC-B / E5EC-B


OMRON Value Design for Panel concept includes the new digital controllers E5CC-B and E5EC-B. A premium range of temperature controllers which support a wide variety of applications, thanks to the comprehensive array of sensor inputs supported, like:




Analog current/voltage


New Value for Control Panel

Great downsizing

Thanks to the compact dimension, with just 60mm depth , E5CC-B and E5EC-B digital temperature contollers help to save space in panel designing without compromising display readability.


Up to 70% space reduction, if compared with E5CN version, it makes the new E5CC-B and E5EC-B digital temperature contollers applicable in tight spaces with limited depth .


More efficiency from design to maintenance

Push-in Plus termnal blocks is the key feature in the new E5CC-B and E5EC-B which allow a more efficient wiring , from designing to maintenance.


Wiring is from the back and not from the side, so the panel can be designed with a better horizontal grouping saving more space.

Wiring can be done without screwdriver, so operators can use both hands saving more time.

Wiring have to be done just one time, so there's no need to retighten (i.e. after shipping) saving more time and costs.


More efficiency from design to maintenance

Superior visibility is achieved by placing the large white characters on a black background and increasing the viewing angle. Display data can be clearly read from a distance reducing operator movement and increasing work efficiency.

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Easy to use, data can be changed on the display digit by digit by simply pressing the shift key (<

E5CC-B and E5EC-B are available at RS Components

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