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Does any one have any clue any more?

1. Is Dassult Systems a real company with real people or just AI robots?

2. Do RS and the design spark team give a monkeys about any of their customers?

3. Has anyone had a price back for anything yet?

4. Has anyone found the cure for covid-19?

5. AOB


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February 28, 2020 15:31

To add to CJ's response, from an RS / DesignSpark viewpoint ever since we entered into discussions with Dassault over the changes to DSE, protecting our current users and providing an outcome that is as good as possible has been our primary goal.

This is not to pretend for a second that we've got everything right. There are many understandable frustrations about the changes to DSE in v2.0. What we have found is that our partners at Solidworks have been willing to jump straight onto any and every issue we've raised. AS CJ says, the offer price for upgrade that Solidworks is providing to DSE users is without precedent in scale of discount on offer. That was a mutually agreed requirement for this change, and from our side a minimum requirement to support existing users.

If you continue to experience delays in responses, please contact me directly via Linked in at and i'll work with CJ and the Solidworks team, and our team at DesignSpark to help remove any barriers as quickly as possible. I'm UK based so will be available to help as you need.

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February 28, 2020 08:58

I can answer the first 3. Dassault is real but our initial responses were admittedly slow trying to coordinate worldwide using a team in North America where staff was assigned to help. No excuses, our mistake. I am seeing replies minute by minute now

RS most definitely cares and their first concern in any communications I have had with them is their customers. They have made very substantial investments to provide exceptional tools that are either free or low cost. They are great to work with and have your best interest at heart.

We have provided local pricing to people around the world. We are not publishing the pricing since it is a one time event and we are offering levels (thousands off) that we have never offered anywhere commercially. This special was created at the request of RS to offer their DSE users a growth path for any level of usage with perpetual licensing.

If you would like, contact me directly either or my email: and i will connect you with our UK team, I am in Texas and manage our electrical engineering business in North America.