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Do you have a question about Activist Engineering?

The term Activist Engineer can have positive and negative connotations, activism can be viewed as a bad thing or supporting a good cause, it really depends on your individual political persuasion or point of view on a subject. So Activist and Engineering, together, what does this mean to you?

activist engineering

Well, for DesignSpark this is what we consider being a part of Activist Engineering means.

  • How to use engineering to create positive impacts.
  • Inspiring engineers.
  • Generating awareness through actions.
  • Backing the gamer changers – challenging the status quo.
  • Searching out new innovations.
  • Collaborative approaches to issues, the engineer and environmentalist working together.

People are more aware than ever that climate change is happening, there are few deniers these days. We can observe the effects of change within our global environment, from plastic in the ocean to global warming, air pollution, flooding and wildfires our environment is taking the hit. Quite soon we will hit the tipping point, a point of no return, this will happen unless we all commit to drastic change.

So what does activist engineering mean to you, what questions do you want to ask, what viewpoint do wish to convey to others and what answers are you seeking?

We'd really appreciate it if you can take the time to add your comments below and start a topical thread. Whether it's to ask a question, share a piece of information or share your views on Activist Engineering and what it means to you.


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February 10, 2022 11:52

Bringing Attention To Indoor Air Pollution is the title of an article shared with me by one of our Air Quality Project Influencers @Hey Jude.
Most of us would consider our home environment to be a safe refuge, one where we are secure from the effects of air pollution. This article highlights the potential dangers to us and especially our young from everyday household items, its strange to think that making toast or sitting on sofas could be unhealthy.

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January 28, 2022 12:30

I remember the times when we routinely repaired rather than replace, it seems crazy that we actually need a right to repair law, but even this is limited. Here are two links worth a read. This one from Which? and this from Wired

January 21, 2022 08:54

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Air pollution has led to more premature deaths than Covid in 2021. For Covid, the governments say we are following the science, so for Activist Engineering we too should follow the science. For example looking at the developments of bioplastic and other bio-based materials rather than non-renewables. Engineers should also be prepared to look at data objectively and independently to form their own views, we know Governments can skew the thinking of a nation based on their own agenda and each administration's political objectives.

January 20, 2022 08:02

I love the idea of activist engineering as I feel it encapsulates many of the reasons why people engage with STEM subjects, and perhaps why so many walk away - that compulsive curiosity about the world, trying to figure out how everything works and how you might improve people’s lives is deeply compelling. The abundance of technology and information also makes it that much easier to learn, experiment, communicate and find solutions to real world problems, yet so often in industry engineers are pigeonholed in roles that do not capitalise on that curiosity. Activism is different, in that it works alongside these feelings and, speaking from personal experience, can be liberating to take responsibility for a problem in a way that perhaps only an engineer can.

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January 19, 2022 14:19

For me, there is a lot to consider. I'm up for sustainability and maximising the life of my electronic devices, but nearly every month I'm marketed to by my mobile provider to upgrade from a perfectly good Smartphone to the latest new model. Big tech needs new customer spend to keep profits up and shareholders happy, I understand this. But in a wave of constant bombardment, we buy things we don’t necessarily need and scrap stuff that is perfectly good. Buying a 5G phone without 5G coverage is like buying a 4G phone. Big tech and manufacturing giants need to lead the way. Rather than offsetting their footprint by planting trees, if they showed us how they’d approach sustainability in the design, delivery and recycling of their goods that would be a start.

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January 19, 2022 12:03

A really interesting topic, for me the term means designing sustainably, being carbon neutral and having a positive impact on our environment, but I would like to know what the big manufacturing companies feel this term means to them?

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