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Discover how Weller Zero Smog Fume Extraction can keep you breathing clean air

The Dangers of Dust Particles

Many work environments today, including soldering and adhesives application, create particles and gases that can be harmful to the work place and the environment. 

Most people think that the move to leadfree soldering would be more nature friendly, but in reality, because of the higher working temperatures required and because lead-free soldering uses rosin based fluxes, leadfree soldering smoke emissions can contain more breathable fine dust particles – and these are inhaled more easily and can block the alveoli in the lungs.


Introducing Zero Smog Filtration

Zero Smog filtration units are specifically designed for continuous operation in industrial environments.  They have a unique three-stage filter system for removing small particles, fumes and gases that are produced in different working processes:

  1. Hazardous substances are efficiently captured by the nozzle and are absorbed into the filter
  2. Bigger particles get caught in the pre-filter and smaller particles get caught in a High Efficiency Particulate Air filter
  3. The wide band gas filter removes fumes and adhesives

The result is clean air, recirculated into the work place.

Keeping Costs Down

Zero Smog units are ideal when extraction over a wide area is required and because no there is no fixed installation the units are easy-to-install and are highly portable.

They can be positioned by the user anywhere there is power for optimum results.

Maintenance requirements and costs are low, arms and nozzles do not require daily cleaning, and as we mentioned above, air cleaned by the systems is re-circulated back into the work area without needing to be heated or cooled, representing another energy and cost saving.

Weller Zero Smog units have been designed to offer reliability and long operating life brushless turbines, helping you to save in the long term.

The New Introduction















Our recent introduction to the RS range includes a full range of Zero Smog 2 extraction units and kits.

These have been designed as small and economical volume extraction system ideal for removing fumes, depending on the kit chosen, from 1-2 workplaces. The choice of kits includes extraction arms and connection hoses, all of which connect with the need for tools to the main extraction unit.









You can see the new Zero Smog 2 selection available from RS at:

(just search zero smog on the RS site)

(RS already offer a 4V extraction unit kit: 763-2244)

 Is it time to change your filters?

All Weller filter contain an active ingredient that breaks down gases and traps dust, after time this will become less effective and replacement is needed. Although the extractor will continue to clean the smoke from your working area, you can’t be sure than the poisonous gases are being removed safely.

To ensure filtration is effective, it is vital to use the correct filters and ensure these are replaced every twelve months or sooner if full.

Replacing your pre-filer regularly can extend the life of the main filter by up to 50%.

The new introduction also includes the latest additions to our range of filters for use with Zero Smog filtration units:

T0058735937 878-1016: fine dust filter unit (M5) for use with fume extraction unit, Zero Smog 4V (RS 763-2244) and WFE 2S

T0058735938 878-1019:fine dust filter unit (M7) for use with fume extraction unit, Zero Smog 4V (RS 763-2244) and WFE 2S

T0058735895 878-1013: compact filter for use with fume extraction unit, Zero Smog 4V (RS 763-2244) and WFE 2S

 We’ve also produced this video to guide you through the steps required to change a filter:

Now you can breath more easily.


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