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Disappointed by decontenting DSM5 in the DSM6 explorer edition


I learned about SpaceClaim while evaluating Icepack.  While we chose a different solution, I stumbled on DSM5 and have been using it for a year or so since it met my needs, was free and was based upon SpaceClaim. My use case for any 3D modeling SW is simply deign of 3D printable items for use around the house.  Since my use is infrequent and doesn't generate income, my focus is on no charge SW packages.

With the elimination of opening step and STL files this no longer serves any purpose for me.  I had looked forward to the mirror feature in DSM6 and hoped it would crash less often.  Time to move on to Fusion or try to leverage a solidworks license at the office occasionally.  Hopefully DSM5 continues to function for awhile longer