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Detecting a small plastic part behind a thin wall


Hi there!

I am looking for the most reliable method for detecting a small plastic object behind a thin wall (0.8 mm PE) with a detection range on 0-10mm. The plasic part is a small tube Ø3-6 mm with a lenght on 5mm.

The sensors we currently are using is a capacitative from RS pro and ifm, but since the parts are made in POM, PE and PP, and due to the nature of the capacitivesensor the accuracy are not 100%.

My question to you is, what are your expirience with detecting plastic parts? This case is particular difficult because of the thin wall in PE there is in front of the sensor, this rules out the other more reliable choices as photo- or lasersensor.

I am looking forward to hear your experiences.

Best regards Mads Voigt

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