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DesignSpark PCB Video Tutorials from Republic Polytechnic

Hello! I joined DesignSpark Team since 2011. I enjoy travelling, listening to music, DIY and crafts. Please contact me if you have any questions or feedback about DesignSpark:)


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[Comment was deleted]

May 30, 2017 08:30

Hi YanW,

Thanks for posting these all in one place, I recall when they were first published they were a useful resource and helped me and many others as was evident on the 'old' forum which is sadly missed, but the new one is growing.

For anyone new to DSPCB here is the link
Have a look round and answer questions if you can as well as asking!
I learnt a lot about DSPCB in the early days of version3 from reading the Q&A as well as getting some great user support.

Perhaps the videos should be in the Support area or some links to your post?

Here is the DSPCB support page if anyone is new to the package and hasn't explored it yet.

Thanks again.

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